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mother of dragons kitties.
Lauren, 21, born and raised in Germany, now living in England with the rockstar who stole my heart.
wild child, sinner, full of wanderlust.
Peter Pan is my hero and I will never grow up.
I love food, alcohol, concerts, Uschi Obermaier, Supernatural, Harry Potter, motorbikes and pretty cars, my cats, beer and sleeping.
taken, property of Ollie Angeles.

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Stop making books into films and start making them into a tv show so we could have a lot more detail to them and they can stick to the book easier.

I thought this was going to make me annoyed but everything turned out better than expected


Felucca on the Nile (by Benn Gunn Baker)


Felucca on the Nile (by Benn Gunn Baker)

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If God had chosen Bobby to stop the apocalypse, he would have done it in half an episode and spent the other half drinking beer and watching sport.

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you kids these days with your rapidly growing concern for the state of the world and your knowledge of important issues at increasingly younger ages despite having been told your opinions don’t matter by the adults who put you in these situations


i found an image that accurately describes my drive and motivation in life


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girls who go clubbing in just tiny dresses and massive heels in the depths of winter are true northern heroes and tougher than any boys ever

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"I just think that people are so weird about nudity and the human body. Sex is not bad, naked bodies are not bad and naked bodies don’t always have to be connected to sex."

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