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mother of dragons kitties.
Lauren, 21, born and raised in Germany, now living in England with the rockstar who stole my heart.
wild child, sinner, full of wanderlust.
Peter Pan is my hero and I will never grow up.
I love food, alcohol, concerts, Uschi Obermaier, Supernatural, Harry Potter, motorbikes and pretty cars, my cats, beer and sleeping.
taken, property of Ollie Angeles.

links aka click them:
my face; boyfriend's blog; ask me

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this should have been Castiel’s entrance on Supernatural 

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IMG_2238 by Lewmzi on Flickr.


IMG_2238 by Lewmzi on Flickr.


always carry yourself with the confidence you would have if you just slept with your fave rock star

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top tips if you ever find yourself in a zombie apocalypse:
. take car
. go to mum’s
. kill phil
. grab liz
. go to the winchester
. have a nice cold pint
. and wait for all this to blow over







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Who makes these???

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when you want to look cute but don’t want to be harassed by men #justgirlythings

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Beauty or brains? 

Fuck that, it’s not a dichotomy. Let’s not act like mascara glues girls eyes so shut that they can’t read a word of Dickens or solve a trig problem. Let’s talk about how no boy has ever been asked if he’d rather get his Bachelor’s or get married; no boy has ever been told that he’s too handsome to run for office. So why cover up my tits so you can take me seriously? 

Beauty or brains? I’ll take ‘em all, thanks.

Slam fuckin’ dunk thank u